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Modest Bridesmaid Dresses to complete your wedding day vision!

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It all starts with a stitch, a bride, a dream. Let’s stitch together our LDS community by sharing each beautiful wedding, one bride at a time.

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We’re here to make your vision a reality with customizable wedding gowns!

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Made to fit your every curve! Check out our extensive plus size gown selection.


Welcome to LatterDayBride & Prom!

You’ve stumbled upon much more than a store. We represent fashion, beauty, and above all, modesty. Our goal is to create beautifully, stunningly modest gowns that let you truly shine. In our dresses, when you exit the temple at your wedding, enter the ballroom at your prom, stand in the receiving line of your best friend’s wedding, or even walk the halls in your Sunday best, all eyes turn to you not just because you’re modest but because you’re amazing. We want to highlight your radiance, joy, femininity, and love. Our modest gowns are more than dresses; they are a dynamic statement about who you are, who you aim to be, and who you represent through your loveliness. Through girlhood, womanhood, motherhood and more, through all your stages, let us join you on your journey at LatterDayBride. 

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