Fall weddings are gorgeous with their fall foliage, comfortable temperatures and potential off-season discounts. If you’re considering a fall wedding, then this checklist is for you. We’ve put together a list of steps to help you make sure that everything is taken care of before the big day arrives. Of course, to help you with one important item on your fall wedding checklist, here are six beautiful long-sleeved bridal gowns by LatterDayBride!

Fall Wedding Checklist | Long Sleeve Bridal Gowns

Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Phillipa by LatterDayBride


12 Months or More Before Your Wedding Day

If you’ve planned ahead and selected a wedding date that is 12 or more months away, then your fall wedding checklist will include deciding a budget, the style of your wedding and who will be in your wedding party. It is also the time to consider buying wedding insurance. This is an especially good idea for fall weddings since the season’s weather can be unpredictable. At 12 months or more out, start searching for ceremony and wedding reception venues.

Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Anaheim by LatterDayBride


10 to 11 Months Before the Big Day  

When you’re 10 to 11 months before the big day, book your venues and pick out your bridal party attire. If you’re planning to have the wedding or your reception in a cooler area, plan the attire accordingly. For instance, select a heavier fabric for the bridesmaid dresses or include pashminas or boleros so that everyone stays warm. Fall weddings also give you the option of choosing dresses in deep jewel tones or shimmery metallics.


Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Nottingham by LatterDayBride


The 4 to 5 Month Point  

The 4 to 5-month point is the time to make reservations for your honeymoon and order your wedding cake. Ask the baker to create a fall cake decorated with leaves, flowers in autumn shades or with something like gold foil. At 4 to 5 months before your wedding day, start thinking about the playlist that you want the DJ or band to play. This is also when you want to finalize your wedding day guest list.

Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Naomi by LatterDayBride


2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding    

Once you’re just 2 to 3 months away from one of the most important days of your life, order toasting flutes for that Martinelli's and gather the decorations. Since your big day is happening in the fall, your decoration choices can be fun and seasonal. Go with pumpkins, fall leaves or tree branches.

Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Wilder by LatterDayBride


The Week Before

The week before your wedding day, make sure that all of the vendors and service providers have been paid. Check with your photographer and videographer to arrange the type of images that you want. Confirm that you have spa reservations for you and the members of your bridal party. Call the baker about the cake and do a thorough once over of your wedding attire.

 Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Wilcox by LatterDayBride


Your Perfect Fall Wedding  

By following our fall wedding checklist, you’ll have the important things covered. Even if you’re the kind of person who likes to be spontaneous, it’s a good idea to make yourself a basic wedding day checklist. This is one of those events where it pays to be organized!

Fall Bridal gown for your wedding checklist

Long sleeved bridal gown: Natalia by LatterDayBride


Unique Location Ideas for Bridal Photos in Utah

It’s a good idea to have your bridal photos taken before or after your wedding day. This not only gives you more time to savor your big day, but it also lets you plan things out, allowing you to select the best place to take your pictures. If you’re at a loss as to where to go to take your pictures, here are a few unique location ideas for bridal photos in Utah.


Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah 

Famous for its red rocks and unusual structures, the Arches National Park is a striking place to take your bridal photos. In this case, you may want to take them after getting married because it’s likely that your dress will get dirty. But, when you see your white dress against the red rock backdrop, it will be totally worth it.

Photographer: Hickenlooper Photo

Dress: Davids Bridal

HMUA: Sierra Miller

Florals: Madison Murdock

Suit: Men's Warehouse

Ice Castles in Midway


La Caille

 La Caille is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah

This beautiful restaurant is the perfect place to take your bridal photos if you want your pictures to feature a unique, European feel. The building alone is striking with its stone and fountain, but when you consider that this location also has access to an amazing aspen grove, fabulous gazebo and greenhouse, you’re getting a lot of bag for your buck. You may even be able to get a photo with one of the peacocks that live on the grounds.



Ice Castles in Midway 

Ice Castles in Midway is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah

If you’re planning a winter wedding, then you have to get your bridal photos at the Ice Castles in Midway. With its impressive ice formations, your bridal photos will stand the test of time, becoming a priceless keepsake.

PC: Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen

The State Capitol                  

The Utah State Capitol is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah 

To get grand architecture in your bridal photos, head to the Utah State Capitol building. The structure features gorgeous pillars, white marble practically everywhere and iron double-doors. The center dome is the perfect place to spotlight the bride or take a picture of the two of you. If you choose the State Capitol for your bridal photo shoot, you’ll even have access to the site’s pretty grounds.

Photographer: Kaci Baum Photography 

Dress: Violetta by LatterDayBride

Wheeler Farm

Wheeler Farm is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah

If your wedding theme is country or rustic, then consider booking your shoot at the Historic Wheeler Farm. The grounds at this location are huge, giving you plenty of outdoor space for nature-inspired shots. Adding to the uniqueness of this site are the wagons and a classic pickup truck. The photo options are practically endless at Wheeler.

Photography: Kim Bullock Photography 

Location Matters

The desert is a unique location idea for bridal photos in Utah

 Dress: Naomi by LatterDayBride

Photographer: Julia Mather Photo

Keepsakes like bridal photos must be handled properly, which means that it’s important to find the right location. When choosing one, consider your wedding theme along with the personality of you and your betrothed. These steps will help you choose the right photo spot. 

Modest bridesmaid dresses in the latest styles are available from us at LatterDayBride, resulting in happy bridesmaids in your wedding party. Modest and becoming, our bridesmaid dresses are perfect for any type of wedding.


5 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses from LatterDayBride for 2018


Classic and Fitted 

Available in sizes that range from extra small to 2XL, this light blue formfitting bridesmaid dress is sure to be a hit with the girls you’ve invited to stand by your side during the big day. With its delicate lace overlay, snug sleeves that fall perfectly at the elbow and pencil skirt, the MDS1611 light blue bridesmaid dress is fancy enough for important events and casual enough to wear to church on Sunday. Plus, this dress is Buy One Get One FREE and is in stock right now for the light blue color only! Also available in many other colors without the sale price. 

modest bridesmaid dress in light blue by LatterDayBride 

Sophistication and Grace

 Named the Hepburn, this white and black beauty is sure to bring sophistication and grace to your wedding. It features a long, white skirt and black top. Together, these two colors exude tradition while the gently pleated skirt and v-neckline add modernity.

 The Hepburn, a black and white modest bridesmaid dress by LatterDayBride

Modest and Fashionable 

 This modest and fashionable dress comes in almost every color, giving you the chance to coordinate your wedding perfectly. In addition to its flattering A-line skirt, the Betty has a thin waistband, the kind that flatters the wearer.   

 The Betty, a modest bridesmaid dress in red by LatterDayBride

Simple and Chic

 Little details make this dress something special. If you’re having a tough time choosing your bridesmaid dresses, then consider this one since it’s both simple and elegant. Adorable scalloping along the bottom enhances the look of this dress while the sheath design of the MDS18006 is an attractive style for women of almost any body type. This gorgeous dress is only $60 and comes in mauve and sage.

 mauve bridesmaid dress by LatterDayBride

Long and Elegant   

 If you want your bridesmaids to float ethereally around your wedding venue, then select a long and elegant dress like the Maggie. The modest lace bodice adds fashion to the dress while the waistband and chiffon pleated skirt are as flattering as they are delightful. You can order this dress in black, blue and cream.

long modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride 

Gorgeous Modest Bridesmaid Dresses 

 Modest bridesmaid dresses are designed to flatter the women wearing them. From long and flowing to knee length and fitted, these dresses come in various styles. Modest bridesmaid dresses from LatterDayBride bring a stylish element to your wedding without stealing the spotlight from the bride.

Beautiful Modest Wedding Dresses with Sleeves by LatterDayBride | LDS Bride Blog


The modest wedding dresses with sleeves at LatterDayBride & Prom are as fashionable as they are tasteful with styles ranging from ballgown to A-line and fitted. Along with being cutting-edge, our dresses also feature stunning embellishments and are available in a variety of budgets. Here are just a few of our 2018 bridal gowns!


The Annabeth

The Annabeth is one of many modest wedding dresses with sleeves by LatterDayBride 

Layers of lace make the Annabeth stand out from other wedding gowns. Featuring a drop waist A-line design in addition to a sweetheart neckline, this dress is charming and classic. The Annabeth is the ideal gown for you if a romantic wedding is what you have in mind. 


The Angelico

 The Angelico is one of many modest wedding dresses with sleeves by LatterDayBride

With its long, flowing skirt and lacy appliques, the Angelico is a beautiful modest wedding dress with sleeves. The dress’s lace appliques are embroidered with silver thread and they cover the skirt, adding a subtle sophistication to the gown. Made from soft and luxurious fabric, this bridal gown will feel nice against your skin. To show off the skirt, be sure to get a full petticoat. This dress is available in ivory or white. If you order the Angelico in white, you can wear it to the temple.


The Merriway

The Merriway is one of many modest wedding dresses with sleeves by LatterDayBride 

If you’re a young bride with an old soul, then the Merriway is for you. Styled after the classic gowns of the early 1900s, this wedding dress features a classic style. Exhibiting a unique scalloped lace pattern, the Merriway is a striking dress, one that will make you stand out. This gown comes in nude, sand and ivory.


The Marilyn

The Marilyn is one of many modest wedding dresses with sleeves by LatterDayBride 

The Marilyn is a simple wedding dress, making it perfect for those who want their wedding day to be an uncomplicated affair. This lovely gown has a flattering waistline along with a becoming A-line skirt. You can get the Marilyn in ivory or white.


The Avalore

The Avalore is one of many modest wedding dresses with sleeves by LatterDayBride

When your friends and family see you wearing the Avalore, you’re sure to take their breath away. With its soft organza skirt and pleasing design, this gown may be the star of your wedding pictures. Garden floral beading combined with modern styling make the Avalore even more special. To give you additional options, this gown comes in ivory or white. The Avalore may be the ideal dress for your wedding day.  


Modest wedding dresses with sleeves from LatterDayBride feature flair and grace, the kind that’s sure to make you feel pretty on your big day. Available in various styles and price points, your perfect modest wedding dress is waiting for you. Shop online or make an appointment for your personal bridal consultation!

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