If you love the thought of having a relaxed wedding in the country, then a rustic theme may be the ideal one for you. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting married in a barn although that certainly is an option here in Utah. What it definitely means is that your wedding can be both casual and formal. It can be a lovely blend of leather, as in boots, and lace as well as farm-to-table cuisine and elegant floral arrangements. These rustic wedding ideas will help you plan your big day perfectly.


Rustic Wedding Ideas


Creating Rustic Ambiance


The lighting that you choose for your wedding reception can give your venue a rustic feel. For instance, while candles are traditional and provide a romantic feel, oil lanterns will give it a rustic one. They flicker like candles but have that old timey look about them. Lanterns come in different colors so you can even tie them into the color scheme of your wedding.

 rustic wedding ideas include using the right ambiance

Picture taken of LatterDay Bride's Sierra Dress 

Decorate with Nature


Rustic wedding ideas include decorating with natural elements. Nature is usually the best way to decorate a wedding regardless of theme, but it works particularly well with a rustic one. Use flowers and other types of greenery to decorate your reception. You can include wood benches, vases filled with branches or even a simple water feature to give your wedding that casual, rustic feel.

 rustic wedding ideas include decorating with nature

Farm-to-Table Dinner Menu


Think local when it comes to planning the dinner menu. When you do, the food is fresher and tastier. By keeping the menu seasonal, you may also be able to decrease the cost. Your guests are sure to enjoy sampling food that is seasonally inspired and available locally.

rustic wedding ideas include choosing a farm-to-table dinner menu 

Use Everyday Items


Rustic wedding ideas include bringing in everyday items. For instance, if you intend to serve dinner to your guests, do it on farm tables. Make them fancier with lace table runners or beautiful charger plates. You can also set them with high-end china. Form the centerpieces from things that are reminiscent of your time together as a couple. For instance, decorate with travel photos or reminders of how you met and became a couple.

rustic wedding ideas include using everyday items


Rustic Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day


It’s important to choose a theme for your wedding. Doing so makes planning this major event easier. These rustic wedding ideas are just a peek into this diverse theme. You can definitely expand it to the color scheme and flowers. However, be sure to add in personal touches. These will make your big day that much bigger.

rustic wedding ideas include choosing the perfect theme for your big day

Picture provided from the Elanor and Anthony wedding

With summer in the rear-view mirror, many couples are looking forward to planning a fall wedding. There are countless benefits that are exclusive to the fall season. From harvest décor exhibiting a rich color palette to crisp, and invigorating weather. Fall weddings can be breathtakingly beautiful and romantic. 

Planning a Fall Wedding

Fall Inspired Centerpieces

A fall wedding means that you get to use the season’s elements to inspire your centerpieces. Consider making them from natural foliage like fallen pinecones, gourds and small pumpkins. Not only do these décor pieces display the beauty of the season, but they are also inexpensive. Use darker colored tablecloths like brown or black. This will allow the centerpieces to stand out. For a bit of color, add pomegranates, cranberries or oranges. Flickering candles featuring a seasonal scent like pumpkin spice or apple will complete them.  


Have an Outdoor Wedding

While it may be a little chilly, an outdoor wedding comes with the benefit of fall foliage being present, making your photos especially pretty. If it’s a little too cold, then have a basket of blankets and shawls available. Or, you can set up outdoor tents with warming lamps and fire bowls. That way, you can still take pictures outside among the trees, but there will be someplace warm for you and your guests to mingle and eat.


Photo of LatterDayBride's Markova dress

Warm Apparel

A fall wedding gives the bride the chance to wear a pretty lace shawl or a stylish overcoat in addition to cute boots. The groom may want to wear a classy wool suit jacket to look nice and stay warm. Planning a fall wedding means that your guests will also have the opportunity to show off their cold weather apparel.


Fall Wedding Food and Treats

Let fall’s inspiration touch more than just your clothes and décor, use it to plan your wedding cuisine. Serve a pumpkin or squash soup along with slow-roasted meats. Instead of punch, offer spiced cider or hot chocolate. In fact, this is the perfect occasion for gourmet hot chocolate in different flavors. We know that today, it’s pumpkin spice everything, but pumpkin spice hot chocolate is an especially tasty treat. An apple, pear or peach cobbler would also be a yummy addition to your fall wedding food.


Starting Your Lives Together by Planning a Fall Wedding

Start your lives together by planning a fall wedding. A fall wedding means that you can use many of the wonderful things from this season—things like vibrant colors, elegant décor and a touch of whimsy. Your fall wedding can’t help but be an exceptional event.


Photo by Gallery Photography of the Covington dress from LatterDayBride 

Fall is a season filled with color and texture, making it the perfect time for your wedding. While fall may not be the first season you think of for flowers, fall wedding bouquets are as diverse and colorful as they are during the spring and summer.


Fall Wedding Bouquets

Something Vibrant


We know that marrying the love of your life, wearing the pretty dress and seeing all of your friends and family in one place will make your wedding day memorable. A vibrant bouquet is also sure to add to the specialness of your big day. For a vibrant bouquet, choose flowers like dark red dahlias, yellow calla lilies and black-eyed Susans. Consider including bright green hydrangea blossoms for a little neutrality.


Something Bold


If you want your flowers to stand out, then go with a bold wedding bouquet. Bold flowers include orange roses, flame calla lilies and orange hypericum berries. These bold colors will look nice next to your dress. Along with being the perfect choice for your wedding bouquet, bold flowers are also fun for your wedding reception décor.

Something Natural


If you’re planning an outdoor fall wedding, then keep to your theme by going with something natural for your fall wedding bouquet. For a natural bouquet, select a blend of wildflowers, lilies, wallflowers and roses. Use blossoms in fall colors like yellow, orange and red. It’s also a good idea to add a touch of greenery and white for balance.


Something Monochromatic  


A monochromatic look is another fall bouquet option. This style creates a dramatic feel, making it the perfect choice for your big day. For something monochromatic, use blossoms like black magic roses and red dahlias. Along with being elegant, a monochromatic bouquet is timeless.


Something Purple


Purple is a great fall color. Not only are purple blooms eye-catching, but they are also available during the fall season. Fall wedding bouquets in purple feature flowers like dark burgundy calla lilies, deep red roses and bunches of hypericum berries. As with a vibrant bouquet, go ahead and include green hydrangeas. They add a nice contrast.


Fall Wedding Bouquets are Something Wonderful


Getting married in the fall means that you can let the season guide many of your wedding-day decisions. This includes the décor that you use to decorate your reception, where you choose to have the event and of course, the flowers that you pick for your bouquet. Fall wedding bouquets are vibrant, bold, natural, monochromatic and even purple. Let us help you with your wedding-day flowers.


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Weddings are ceremonious and traditional events, but for your reception, don’t feel as though you have to do everything according to convention. This is especially the case with the guest book. While it’s nice to have a keepsake from everyone who attends your wedding reception, it doesn’t have to be their signature in a book. Here are a few fun wedding signing book alternatives.

Fun Wedding Signing Book Alternatives

Picture Guest Book

 A picture guest book is a fun wedding signing book alternative

Instead of a signature guest book, go with a picture one. Set up a polaroid camera at the signing table, and ask your guests to take a picture of themselves and leave the picture in a scrapbook. Your guests will have fun posing for a shot, and then leaving their pic in your keepsake book with a message.

Wood Sign Board

A fun wedding signing book alternative is to have your wedding reception guests sign a wood board. This will give you a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall of your new home after your wedding. Choose a durable type of wood. Also, consider making it personal by writing your names in large print in the center of the board.

 A wood sign board is a fun wedding signing book alternative

Photo credit & idea: Forever Fireflying


If you and your future spouse enjoy traveling, then consider setting up a travel-themed station featuring postcards. Set the postcards up on a table with a sign asking your guests to select their favorite destination and write it on a postcard. This will give you lots of great travel ideas. You can even include a mailbox on the table for the completed postcards.

 postcards are a fun wedding signing book alternative

Art Canvas

A practical and fun wedding signing book alternative is to set up a large canvas. Then, attach paint-filled balloons to it. Direct your guests to toss darts at the balloons. This will explode the paint when they hit one. As the paint-filled balloons explode, they’ll decorate the canvas in a unique way, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

 An art canvas is a fun wedding signing book alternative


If you are crafty, have your wedding reception guests sign pieces of fabric that you can stitch together later to make a quilt or a wall hanging or even a Christmas tree skirt. Fabric turns the tradition of signing a guestbook into something practical.

 fabric squares are a fun wedding signing book alternative

Honoring Your Big Day

When it comes to your wedding day, don’t get so caught up on tradition that you fail to make it your own. Fun wedding signing book alternatives are an easy way to personalize one of the most important days of your life.



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