​Today we are thrilled to have a guest blogger! Lisa Frehner is an amazing professional hair and makeup artist here in Utah, and she has graced us with this awesome post of 10 reasons to hire a professional wedding hair and makeup artist...this is something I am personally VERY passionate about, coming from the wedding photography world, so I am extra excited for her insights and advice to brides!
Hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding

            The day has come…. You are finally engaged! Whether you have waited years or months, the excitement is the same. You can now officially start planning the big day where you will marry your best friend. There are so many things to be planned and so many little details to worry about. Who will be the photographer to capture your special day and all those special moments? What colors will you choose? Will you have Bridesmaids? Where will your venue be? How many people will be invited? The questions seem never ending when you are planning a wedding, but I’m writing this to answer one specific question: Should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist? The quick answer is “Absolutely!” Here are some reasons why:

  1. A professional makeup artist can examine your skin and give recommendations for improving your skin before your wedding day. A professional hairstylist can examine your hair and give recommendations on how to have healthier, shinier hair. Who doesn’t want that?
    professional hair and makeup on a bridewedding hair and makeup example
  2. A professional makeup artist knows how to highlight your best features and properly cover imperfections. A professional hairstylist can give recommendations for how your updo/style would best compliment your features.
    Utah bride in a modest wedding dressBride getting ready and wedding day photos
  3. A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best in person and in front of the camera. You will look flawless all day long. A professional hairstylist knows how to make your hair look the best 360 degrees- all the way around. They understand symmetry and the importance of creating fullness all throughout the hair, and not just in the front.
    Bridal hair and makeup for your wedding dayUtah hair and makeup artist for your wedding day
  4. Most professional hair and makeup artists will meet you at your desired location, just to make your day less stressful. How thoughtful!
    Utah hair and makeup artist working on a brideBeautiful bride with professional wedding HMUA
  5. Professional hair and makeup artists can create a beautiful, cohesive look throughout the Bridal Party and still make you, as the Bride, stand out in the most beautiful way.
    Utah bride in a modest wedding dressUtah bridal photography in a modest wedding dress
  6. A professional Makeup Artist will have just about every skin color foundation in their kit, and if they don’t, they will have the necessary colors to create your custom color. A professional Hairstylist has more tools in their kits than you can imagine and they know how to effectively work each one to make you look and feel your best.
    Bride getting ready for her weddingUtah wedding photos of a bride with professional hair and makeup
  7. A professional makeup artist will know lots of different brands of makeup and skincare and will know which one best suits your skin type. A professional hairstylist knows lots of different products that can help control frizz, hold a curl all day long and different techniques that will be beneficial for your wedding day.
    Professional hair and makeup for a wedding day
  8. When you hire professional hair and makeup artists, your photographer will have a lot less editing and retouching to do. You will be camera ready!
    Utah hair and makeup artist Lisa Frehner helping a bride
  9. Most professional hair and makeup artists will do a practice session with you. This helps them figure out exactly how you want to look on your wedding day and it helps the bride feel confident in the professional that she has chosen to hire. When you have done a practice session, even more stress is lifted off your shoulders on your wedding day.
    Utah bride with professional hair and makeup on her wedding day
  10. This is your wedding day. Why not spend a little extra to look your absolute best?
    Why should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist?

            Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is worth every penny. You won’t regret your decision to hire someone to help you with your hair and makeup on your wedding day!

Hair and Makeup Artist/Author: Lisa Frehner 
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