"As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen." -A.A. Milne

I'm practically jumping up and down with excitement about this bohemian wedding. Seriously guys, I'm super duper stoked to share these with you. Everything about this makes my heart and soul soooo happy. Let's just dive right in because I can't wait any longer!

Bohemian Wedding | Fairchild Modest Gown

Welcome all my flower children, hippies, free-spirited people, and deep thinkers of the world! Today we're sharing a beautiful bohemian wedding featuring our Fairchild gown! This is the dreamiest shoot and makes me want to walk around barefoot outside and connect with Mother Earth. Okay... maybe not right now because it's cold outside, but you know what I mean! Anyways, I can't believe what this amazing team of vendors came up with, this whole thing is pure perfection.


Bohemian Wedding

So here's the beautiful couple! Jazmin and Max kind of like each other, can you tell?

Bohemian Wedding

Let's focus on the cake first. Have you ever seen anything like it? The texture of the buttercream on the bottom tier, the rose, pink, and ivory florals with green/purple foilage is incredible. The star of the show, I would say, though... that gold layer! How did Emerlie of Sugar Rush Custom Cakes get that gorgeous color? And master the amazing golden drip on the top tier? I'll bet that talented gal has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve!

Bohemian Wedding

As for the amazing fringed wall hanging and bouquet wrap... you can thank the amazing Smay Thomson of 88 East! Other than the fact that she makes AMAZING decor, she's also a philanthropist who dedicates 10% of the proceeds she makes to help women trapped in the sex industry. Pretty incredible.

Bohemian Wedding

Her hair and makeup are stunning. A stylishly touseled fishtail braid, a smokey brown eyeshadow, and nude lip make for a natural but dramatic look, perfect for a boho bride. Well done Olga of Beaus N' Belles!

Bohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian Wedding

The flowers are also amazing. Deep greenery, shades of pink with pops of yellow/orange in the center... too perfect for this shoot! Bailey Jo Floral Design embraced the feel of all the decor and the bohemian wedding theme so perfectly!

Bohemian Wedding

I guess we'd better talk about the gorgeous dress, too. The Fairchild! This long sleeved lacy beauty features a gorgeous satin waistband, pearl buttons cascading allllll the way down the train, and my favorite thing? Eyelash fringe along the scalloped neckline and sleeves.

Bohemian Wedding


Bohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian Wedding

I want to know where she got that necklace!!!

Bohemian Wedding

I'm pretty positive you're as in love with this bohemian wedding as I am... cause how could you not be? Thanks for stopping by! XO

Photography: Taylor Elaine Photography

Studio: Travis J Studio


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