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I'm practically jumping up and down with excitement about this bohemian wedding. Seriously guys, I'm super duper stoked to share these with you. Everything about this makes my heart and soul soooo happy. Let's just dive right in because I can't wait any longer!

Bohemian Wedding | Fairchild Modest Gown

Welcome all my flower children, hippies, free-spirited people, and deep thinkers of the world! Today we're sharing a beautiful bohemian wedding featuring our Fairchild gown! This is the dreamiest shoot and makes me want to walk around barefoot outside and connect with Mother Earth. Okay... maybe not right now because it's cold outside, but you know what I mean! Anyways, I can't believe what this amazing team of vendors came up with, this whole thing is pure perfection.


Bohemian Wedding

So here's the beautiful couple! Jazmin and Max kind of like each other, can you tell?

Bohemian Wedding

Let's focus on the cake first. Have you ever seen anything like it? The texture of the buttercream on the bottom tier, the rose, pink, and ivory florals with green/purple foilage is incredible. The star of the show, I would say, though... that gold layer! How did Emerlie of Sugar Rush Custom Cakes get that gorgeous color? And master the amazing golden drip on the top tier? I'll bet that talented gal has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve!

Bohemian Wedding

As for the amazing fringed wall hanging and bouquet wrap... you can thank the amazing Smay Thomson of 88 East! Other than the fact that she makes AMAZING decor, she's also a philanthropist who dedicates 10% of the proceeds she makes to help women trapped in the sex industry. Pretty incredible.

Bohemian Wedding

Her hair and makeup are stunning. A stylishly touseled fishtail braid, a smokey brown eyeshadow, and nude lip make for a natural but dramatic look, perfect for a boho bride. Well done Olga of Beaus N' Belles!

Bohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian Wedding

The flowers are also amazing. Deep greenery, shades of pink with pops of yellow/orange in the center... too perfect for this shoot! Bailey Jo Floral Design embraced the feel of all the decor and the bohemian wedding theme so perfectly!

Bohemian Wedding

I guess we'd better talk about the gorgeous dress, too. The Fairchild! This long sleeved lacy beauty features a gorgeous satin waistband, pearl buttons cascading allllll the way down the train, and my favorite thing? Eyelash fringe along the scalloped neckline and sleeves.

Bohemian Wedding


Bohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian WeddingBohemian Wedding

I want to know where she got that necklace!!!

Bohemian Wedding

I'm pretty positive you're as in love with this bohemian wedding as I am... cause how could you not be? Thanks for stopping by! XO

Photography: Taylor Elaine Photography

Studio: Travis J Studio


A beautiful photoshoot in a beautiful modest gown... yes please! But wait... it's at the Utah State Capitol?! Can't beat that. This shoot has us speechless. Everything about it is dreamy and fairytale-like. Let us take you through the swoon-worthy story of Julia and Marty.

 Utah State Capitol | Markova Modest Wedding Dress

Darling Emily White who owns and operates "The Pear Blossom" and provided the stunning flower arrangement for this enchanting Utah State Capitol photoshoot sent us an email. We were so excited because she even included the bride and groom's love story. I really can't say it better than she did so I'm going to show you exactly what she sent me. "They met at the state fair and parted ways at the time, but Marty just knew he had to pursue Julia so he took off a semester of his schooling and followed her to BYU. During fall semester they became inseparable and fell truly in love. With the help of family and friends, Marty proposed by surprising Julia with a romantic wintry picnic in the park. He dug a pathway out of the snow and lined the pathway with rose petals for her to follow. At the end of the path he had a candle lit table set up for her full of images from their dating adventures. The table also contained receipts he had kept from all their dates and activities, even going back as far as meeting for the first time at the state fair. Julia says he loves little details like that and she feels like the lucky one to have him."

Well my goodness. Is that true love or what? Come on now. MEANT TO BE. Anyways... our real bride Julia is a sweet and beautiful blonde with delicate features. Her hair and makeup were so fun for Julie Maughan aka "Blushing Blonde" because she is a gorgeous canvas in the first place. Seriously though... Julie did such an amazing job, and highlighted Julia's beautiful features wonderfully without masking them. With an elegant, classic, simple twist in her hair, Julia's beauty was certainly done justice. Emily captured her wedding colors in the most beautiful way in her bouquet. Slate blue, burgundy, and soft dusty pink made for a perfect arrangement. The whole thing was captured at the Utah State Capitol in absolute perfection by Ashley Hawkes of Hawkeye Photography, and I'm pretty positive it couldn't have turned out better.

We are so honored that one of our modest gowns was chosen for this. I mean... speechless. Nevertheless, we have to take this opportunity to tell you about the dress that was chosen... the Markova. This stunning modest gown features a flowy a-line skirt met by a beautiful lace bodice at the flattering beaded waistline. Basically a total princess gown. BEAUTIFUL. 

Okay okay, enough talk from me. Let's let the photos speak for themselves now.

Utah State Capitol Formal Shoot Markova Modest Wedding Dress

Utah State Capitol Formal Shoot Markova Modest Wedding Dress

Utah State Capitol Formal Shoot Markova Modest Wedding Dress

2017 04 06 0005

2017 04 06 0004Utah State Capitol Formal Shoot Markova Modest Wedding DressUtah State Capitol Wedding Photos Modest Markova Dress

2017 04 06 0011

Utah State Capitol Wedding Photos Modest Markova DressUtah State Capitol Wedding Photos Modest Markova DressUtah State Capitol Wedding Photos Modest Markova Dress2017 04 06 0008

2017 04 06 0007

Utah State Capitol Formal Shoot Markova Modest Wedding Dress

Okay guys, I'm so sorry this is coming in a night late but nevertheless, here's the blog I promised you! We love to talk about weddings. Wedding dresses, flowers, propsal stories, you name it! Our favorite thing though... we just LOVE our Real Brides! Ladies who send in their real stories and pictures of their real weddings in our dresses make our day. We have an awesome Real Bride story for you today, and one of the best parts? It features an affordable wedding dress!!!

Affordable Wedding Dress | Ronan Modest Gown

Okay. So do any of us really want to spend a fortune on our wedding dress? Sure, we want it to be beautiful, but if you can find something beautiful for a decent price, it's a no brainer. Buy an affordable wedding dress! We'll get back to that later, for now let's focus on the star of this feature... our Real Bride Tarah! I made an IG/FB post featuring one of our beautiful affordable wedding dresses, the Ronan, and this lovely girl replied and told me she was married in that exact gown! Well obviously I'm going to beg her for the pictures, right? Right. Anyways, she sent me such beautiful photos and her unique LatterDayBride story which we are loving.

Basically, it's a "Serendipity" type of tale. The Universe kept bringing these two lovebirds together. Tarah met her now husband, Matt, when he was working as a manager at Chuck E. Cheese. They started dating and totally fell in love. They both wanted to serve a mission so they went for it. Little did they know... they were going to end up in the MTC together! (Awkward, in Tarah's words. Hehe.) Anyways, Tarah served her mission in Calgary, Canada, while Matt served his in good old Salt Lake CIty, Utah. When they returned from their missions the stars aligned and they ended up back together. As Tarah said... "The rest is history!" They were married on February 24th, 2017 in the Payson, Utah Temple. 

Modest wedding

Modest wedding


Modest wedding

Modest wedding

2017 04 04 0005

We've got to talk about the dress. Our Ronan gown is beautiful, elegant, and hello... it's a super affordable wedding dress. Does it get better? It runs at only $350 bucks! It's a gown complete with ruching from top to bottom, flattering lines, and a corset back. Look stunning, but don't spend thousands of dollars. No brainer. You can even dress it up with a sparkly belt like Tarah did! Budget friendly and lovely. Once again, it's just a win from every angle.


Modest weddingModest wedding

Modest wedding

There you have it! Truly a couple pulled together by their faith in Jesus Christ and well... fate! Hope you enjoyed the look into this return missionary couple and the bride's fabulous afforable wedding dress! See you next time!

Photography courtesy of Trekker Burt Photography

We have a unique and extra special wedding to share with you this time on LDS Bride Blog. Meet our stunning real bride Naumati! Naumati is a Polynesian beauty who was kind enough to share her LatterDayBride story with us. We've featured many beautiful weddings on LDS Bride Blog, but most have been in the United States which is why this one is, like I said, extra special. Join us as we share and admire this dreamy wedding in Samoa featuring our darling modest Grayson gown and our Linley bridesmaids dress!

Wedding in Samoa | Grayson Dress

I'm sure you guys have noticed our obsession with Moana (if you haven't seen it you're missing out) as far as our Facebook and Instagram posts go. When we received the email from Naumati, it was like the stars all aligned and we got the perfect opportunity to do an entire blog featuring our very own Samoan princess! Needless to say, we were a little excited when we got the chance to feature a real wedding in Samoa! Naumati chose our Grayson gown, and she looks like an absolute dream in it. For her darling bridesmaids, she picked our Linley dress. As you can see, everything looked absolutely perfect in this amazing landscape. The greenery is just amazing! What we love the most about this whole thing is that Naumati and her husband are both so passionate about their heritage. She told us that the Islands mean so much to them both, and we love to see people be proud of where they came from. They were married in the Apia, Samoa temple, and it is stunning.

Our Grayson dress features a beautiful flattering mermaid sillhouette, a creamy charmuse fabric, and an extended illusion train. It comes in ivory, white, or deco gold/ivory. We think Naumati made a pretty great choice!

 Our Linley dress is a really fun one. It could be a modest prom dress, or it can be an adorable bridesmaid dress! It comes in emerald and cerise (which is what you'll see in these photos) and it's so sparkly and fun with a ruched waistband and pleated skirt. Just so dang cute!

Alright, let's get to those pictures! We're so honored that one of our dresses was chosen to be featured in a wedding in Samoa. Enjoy!

Wedding in Samoa with bride and bridesmaids


Wedding in Samoa with Bride and Groom

Samoan Wedding with Beautiful Bride and Temple


Collage of couple and their wedding in Samoa

Wedding in Samoa Bride and Groom

Beautiful Wedding in Samoa with Bride and Groom

Wedding in Samoa with Bride and Groom and Bridesmaids

Samoa Wedding Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Wedding in Samoa

We hope you loved this wedding in Samoa as much as we did! Thanks for stopping by!

Pictures courtesy of Jordan Kwan Photography

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