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Call to schedule your appointment to visit our lovely showroom at 801-363-3688. Our stylists are dedicated to give you the best bridal experience in the state, and our appointments are part of the process! Here are some frequently asked questions about how our appointments work.

Why should I schedule an appointment?

Of course, we try to accommodate walk-ins who arrive at our showroom to the best of our ability, but with an appointment come some great perks! When you set up a bridal appointment, you know that you’ll have a stylist totally dedicated to you as you shop for your dream gown. With the exception of some busy Saturdays, your appointment also reserves a viewing area for you and your bridal party, complete with pedestal, beautiful lighting, and plenty of seating for your entourage. We’ll be welcoming you through the door to your dream experience when you schedule your appointment with us.

How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?

Calling to schedule your appointment about a week in advance should give you a variety of days and times to select from.  Some of our popular days and times, like Saturday and Friday afternoon, can fill up quickly, so the earlier you know your schedule the better.

Are appointments just for bridal customers?

Yes, we generally like to set up appointments for our bridal customers. As the exception, we also prefer to set an appointment if you’d like your whole bridal party to try on bridesmaids dresses, so that your group can feel pampered, and we can answer any questions that arise. If you are visiting our store to try on prom gowns, formal gowns, temple gowns, or accessories, feel free to drop in anytime! We’ll be happy to help you!

What should I bring to my appointment?

Basically, we just need you, but here are some suggestions of other important things to remember.

*Try to arrive with the basic foundational undergarments you’d like to wear on your wedding day. (A sports bra isn’t quite wedding attire, if you catch my drift.)

*If you have a shoe height in mind, you’re more than welcome to bring a possible heel height to compare to the dress hems. 

*Bring along only the most supportive of your family and friends. You’re likely to have a much happier time this way!

*Last of all, bring your smile! Wedding dress shopping should be happy experience, but we understand that shopping can get tedious at the end of the day. Take a break, grab a cookie, and give yourself a chance to have a wonderful time! 



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