Ok, it's happened to almost EVERY bride. You just got done with an EPIC bridal or first look session where your photographer got some AMAZING shots you are just dying over.

The Celestial modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

PC: Morgan Slade Photography   Dress: The 'Celestial' by LatterDayBride


You take off your dress to put it back in your dress bag when suddenly....

Angry guy who just realized he has a stain on his wedding dress

There it is, a big ugly dirt stain on the hem of your dress. It looks like you just climbed Kilimanjaro. In your wedding dress. And THERE! Along the neckline. Lipstick. You must have not been as careful as you thought while you were getting ready! So what do you do? You hop on your phone and as fast as your fingers can type, you do a Google Search for "How to Clean a Wedding Dress." Lucky for you, you found THIS post right here! 

Hem of modest wedding dress at the Salt Lake Temple by LatterDayBride

PC: Ravenberg Photography    Dress: Casablanca Customized

How to Clean a Wedding Dress

As a bridal shop, we have seen EVERYTHING. We have hundreds of brides trying on our dresses every week and have seen every makeup stain, sweat stain, and blood stain there is to see. So we believe we are kind of the experts on how to clean a wedding dress. First, don't panic. Second, do NOT throw your dress in the washing machine. And third, DO NOT under any circumstances use one of those bleach spot-treating pens. Trust us.

Jumping in a washing machine is not the best way to clean your wedding dress

Rubbing Alcohol

For ink and grease stains, a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a white cotton q-tip is just the ticket. Use gentle blotting motions and DO NOT rub. Rubbing will make it worse! For grease stains, before treating, first apply a small amount of chalk or baby powder to absorb most of the grease, then blow or tap off any excess powder.

Shout wipes and rubbing alcohol for how to clean a wedding dress on LDS Bride Blog

Shout Wipes

One of our favorites for makeup and lipstick stains are Shout wipes. Again, BLOT, don't RUB! Treat as soon as possible after the stain occurs.

Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter is for those heavy duty jobs nothing else will handle. It removes tough, oily, greasy, grimy, and gooey problems. It will even remove latex paint! (But really, WHAT were you doing PAINTING in your wedding dress!?!)

Spit (yes, SPIT)

Cut yourself shaving on your big day and didn't notice until you spot the blood on your hem? Never fear, SPIT to the rescue! Spit, you say? Yes, spit. A little spit and a dry, clean, white cotton towel will clean that mess right up! It gives a whole new meaning to "spit shine" doesn't it?

White Chalk

When all else fails and you are down to the wire, cover up any remaining stains with a little white chalk. Not only will it absorb grease (I know, you are a nervous eater and those potato chips in the bride's room were just calling to you), but it also disguises stubborn stains (unless, of course, your dress is black. We don't recommend white chalk for black dresses).

white lace modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

Dry Cleaning

Ideally, if you have time and catch the stains early enough, you will take your dress to a professional dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning wedding dresses. DO NOT just take it to any old dry cleaner! This is one area where you don't want to be a budget shopper. Check out reviews online and look specifically for reviews from brides. We recommend always getting your dress dry cleaned in between your bridal session and wedding day UNLESS it is specifically not recommended by your bridal shop. Some dresses don't do as well as others, so always follow the advice of the experts!

Dry cleaning is one of the best ways to clean a wedding dress

We hope we have saved someone's day by giving you some great ideas on how to clean a wedding dress! And if your big day is coming up and you don't have the perfect dress of bridesmaid dress yet, we would love to help here at LatterDayBride, so give us a call or shop our collection online here!

Wedding day with a modest wedding dress on LDS Bride Blog

We love it when something is sent to us that is different. Something a little outside the box. This beautiful lady is Chelsea, and she chose to wear her LDS temple dress for her Simi Valley bridals with Holly Castillo Photography. And we think that's pretty cool. We love the dreamy haze and autumn tones in these gorgeous bridals, and the handmade Eco Bouquet Chelsea order on Etsy is absolutely perfect for the setting AND the simple elegance of the temple dress. 

From the photographer: 

"Chelsea grew up in Kansas, and later attended BYU in Provo, Utah. While at BYU she met her now husband Zac, who grew up in Southern California. Chelsea was actually married in 2011, but due to time restraints she was never able to have bridal portraits taken. While visiting her husband's hometown and family in Simi Valley, CA, I was able to take her bridal portraits. Chelsea decided to wear her LDS temple dress instead of her wedding dress, which I thought was very special and made the whole session extra magical. During our session some dogs that a fellow hiker was walking even ran up to her, which made for some extra cute pictures!"

Isn't it fantastic that even though she wasn't able to get bridals done 6 years ago when she got married that she STILL thought it was important enough to do them at some point, if for no other reason than she she will have that memory. In 10, 15, 20, 50 years, she will be able to look back and say, "Yeah, that was me! I froze that moment in time and I'm so glad I did!"

Simi Valley bridals with an LDS temple dressLDS Temple Dress on a bride in Simi Valley CaliforniaSimi Valley bridals with an LDS temple dress Simi Valley California bridals with and LDS temple dressLDS Temple Dress on a bride in Simi Valley's Corriganville ParkCorriganville Park in Simi Valley with an LDS bride in her temple dressLDS Temple Dress on a bride in Simi Valley, CaliforniaDreamy bridals in Corriganville Park with an LDS temple dressLDS bride wearing her temple dress for her Simi Valley California bridalsThe Sunflower, an LDS Temple Dress, on a bride in Simi Valley's Corriganville Park

Area: Corriganville Park in Simi Valley, California
Bouquet: Etsy Handmade By Vendor 224Locust
Headband: Etsy Handmade By Vendor AbbyPlace
Hair and Makeup: Done by Bride!

Is anyone else aching for SPRING?! We are! It seems like after the Holidays, winter should just be done. Like a switch you can flip off, am I right? Well, if I can't make spring come then I will just have to post a gorgeous Spring Wedding in an orchard! Skylar and Josie chose the Provo Castle & Amphitheater and adjacent apple orchard for their bridals & first look session. This session just screams CLASSIC, from Josie's Grace Kelly-esque long sleeve wedding dress to dramatic lighting and styling. 

Spring Wedding in the Orchard

Spring wedding first looks in an apple orchard on LDS Bride Blog

Skylar & Josie met while attending school at Southern Utah University (SUU). They were both on track scholarships and had been friends for several years before they started dating. I guess when you have seen someone at their absolute sweatiest and you still think they are hot you are meant to be together! Since Josie & Skylar would be married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and photography isn't allowed, they chose to do a First Look session before Josie's bridals so photographer Lindsey Black could capture the intimate moment when Skylar saw Josie for the first time in her dress. The moment was magical. The two spent 10 minutes talking, kissing, and twirling (something you just don't get if the first time he sees you in your dress is when you walk down the aisle)!

First Look for a spring wedding in the orchard on LDS Bride Blog

Ok, is it just me or does Josie look like Idina Menzel? Right!? But I digress. We love her simple and elegant satin long sleeve wedding reminds me of Grace Kelly. Totally classic and beautiful. And let's talk about this orchard for a minute. WOW. The canopy of trees was just screaming for a bride to frame under it's branches! The orchard is right next to a beautiful amphiteather. We love the way the rock plays on Skylar's gray suit. All in all, these two are adorable and we are so glad we could feature their fantastic spring wedding bridal shoot on LDS Bride Blog today!

Classic bridals in a Utah County apple orchard on LDS Bride BlogSpring wedding photos at the Provo Castle on LDS Bride BlogBridals in the orchard near the Provo Castle on LDS Bride BlogProvo Castle bridals with a long sleeve wedding dress on LDS Bride BlogSpring wedding photos in the orchard on LDS Bride BlogClassic bridals with a long sleeve wedding dress in an apple orchard by LDS Bride BlogClassic bride with a spring bouquet on LDS Bride BlogBeautiful bride at the Provo Castle in spring on LDS Bride Blog

This month at LatterDayBride & Prom, we are featuring our gorgeous long sleeve lace wedding dress, the Caymbria, in our showroom window. So, imagine my delight when our Real Bride (and amazing co-worker) Sydney sent these gorgeous snowy bridals of her in her Caymbria gown to us this week! 

Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves by LatterDayBride, the Caymbria

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Long sleeve lace wedding dresses are ALL the rage this season! If you have imagined yourself on your wedding day decked from head to toe in elegance, this may be the style for you. Meet the 'Caymbria' gown by LatterDayBride & Prom, a Salt Lake City Utah bridal shop with a focus on modest wedding dresses offering worldwide shipping! This long-sleeved modest gown features visually stunning floral lace softly making its way from long sleeves at the way down through the train. Tulle and luxe silky charmeuse lining is then accented with a button closure. The Caymbria is available in Champagnge/Ivory, Ivory, or White! Plus, the sleeve length and neckline can be totally customized to fit each bride's unique tastes.

Real bride Sydney in a long sleeve lace wedding dress by LatterDayBride & Prom

Real Bride Sydney

Our gorgeous real bride Sydney is a total stunner in her Caymbria gown for her First Look and Bridals up snowy America Fork Canyon. We LOVE it when our brides embrace the beautiful mountains here in Utah, snow and all. It has it's own elegant beauty, and these winter bridals are no exception. Photographer Taylor Elaine captured everything so perfectly!

The Caymbria gown, a long sleeve wedding dress by LatterDayBride & Prom

Sydney says "During our bridal session, it was in the single digits! We brought LOTS of blankets and I was wearing leggins and snow boots under my dress! By the end of the session, our fingers were blue!" Um, brrrr? But yes, we agree...the pictures are totally worth it!

Snowy winter bridals featuring a real bride in a lace wedding dress with long sleeves by LatterDayBride

A cute story about choosing her dress:

"I actually brought my fiancé, Chandler, to narrow down wedding dresses before I chose one. I already had an idea of what I wanted since I worked at LatterDayBride, but wanted him to be part of the process. We narrowed it down to three (even though I knew it would be the Caymbria as soon as I tried it on!) and then I came back with our moms to make the final decision. He finally saw me in my dress during our first look after guessing for months that it was the one!"
First Look session in winter with a bride in a modest lace wedding dress with sleeves, the Caymbria by LatterDayBride
I love that she let Chandler be a part of the process...that is SO unique and pretty cool!
Snowy wedding photos featuring a bride in the Caymbria gown, a long sleeve wedding dress with lace by LatterDayBride
The lovebirds will be married January 26th in the Draper Temple!
Lace Wedding Dress with long sleeves, the Caymbria gown by LatterDayBride
Black and White wedding photos featuring the Caymbria, a long sleeve lace wedding dress by LatterDayBrideSnowy bridals in American Fork Canyon featuring the Camybria gown, a modest lace wedding dress by LatterDayBride
Real bride Sydney with her fiance while wearing the Caymbria gown, a modest lace wedding gown by LatterDayBride & Prom
snowy winter bridals with the bride in the Caymbria gown, a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride
Snowy bridals in American Fork Canyon with real LatterDayBride Sydney in the Caymbria, a modest lace wedding dress
Winter bridal session in Utah featuring a modest lace wedding dress, the Caymbria by LatterDayBride
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