Is anyone else aching for SPRING?! We are! It seems like after the Holidays, winter should just be done. Like a switch you can flip off, am I right? Well, if I can't make spring come then I will just have to post a gorgeous Spring Wedding in an orchard! Skylar and Josie chose the Provo Castle & Amphitheater and adjacent apple orchard for their bridals & first look session. This session just screams CLASSIC, from Josie's Grace Kelly-esque long sleeve wedding dress to dramatic lighting and styling. 

Spring Wedding in the Orchard

Spring wedding first looks in an apple orchard on LDS Bride Blog

Skylar & Josie met while attending school at Southern Utah University (SUU). They were both on track scholarships and had been friends for several years before they started dating. I guess when you have seen someone at their absolute sweatiest and you still think they are hot you are meant to be together! Since Josie & Skylar would be married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and photography isn't allowed, they chose to do a First Look session before Josie's bridals so photographer Lindsey Black could capture the intimate moment when Skylar saw Josie for the first time in her dress. The moment was magical. The two spent 10 minutes talking, kissing, and twirling (something you just don't get if the first time he sees you in your dress is when you walk down the aisle)!

First Look for a spring wedding in the orchard on LDS Bride Blog

Ok, is it just me or does Josie look like Idina Menzel? Right!? But I digress. We love her simple and elegant satin long sleeve wedding reminds me of Grace Kelly. Totally classic and beautiful. And let's talk about this orchard for a minute. WOW. The canopy of trees was just screaming for a bride to frame under it's branches! The orchard is right next to a beautiful amphiteather. We love the way the rock plays on Skylar's gray suit. All in all, these two are adorable and we are so glad we could feature their fantastic spring wedding bridal shoot on LDS Bride Blog today!

Classic bridals in a Utah County apple orchard on LDS Bride BlogSpring wedding photos at the Provo Castle on LDS Bride BlogBridals in the orchard near the Provo Castle on LDS Bride BlogProvo Castle bridals with a long sleeve wedding dress on LDS Bride BlogSpring wedding photos in the orchard on LDS Bride BlogClassic bridals with a long sleeve wedding dress in an apple orchard by LDS Bride BlogClassic bride with a spring bouquet on LDS Bride BlogBeautiful bride at the Provo Castle in spring on LDS Bride Blog

This month at LatterDayBride & Prom, we are featuring our gorgeous long sleeve lace wedding dress, the Caymbria, in our showroom window. So, imagine my delight when our Real Bride (and amazing co-worker) Sydney sent these gorgeous snowy bridals of her in her Caymbria gown to us this week! 

Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves by LatterDayBride, the Caymbria

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Long sleeve lace wedding dresses are ALL the rage this season! If you have imagined yourself on your wedding day decked from head to toe in elegance, this may be the style for you. Meet the 'Caymbria' gown by LatterDayBride & Prom, a Salt Lake City Utah bridal shop with a focus on modest wedding dresses offering worldwide shipping! This long-sleeved modest gown features visually stunning floral lace softly making its way from long sleeves at the way down through the train. Tulle and luxe silky charmeuse lining is then accented with a button closure. The Caymbria is available in Champagnge/Ivory, Ivory, or White! Plus, the sleeve length and neckline can be totally customized to fit each bride's unique tastes.

Real bride Sydney in a long sleeve lace wedding dress by LatterDayBride & Prom

Real Bride Sydney

Our gorgeous real bride Sydney is a total stunner in her Caymbria gown for her First Look and Bridals up snowy America Fork Canyon. We LOVE it when our brides embrace the beautiful mountains here in Utah, snow and all. It has it's own elegant beauty, and these winter bridals are no exception. Photographer Taylor Elaine captured everything so perfectly!

The Caymbria gown, a long sleeve wedding dress by LatterDayBride & Prom

Sydney says "During our bridal session, it was in the single digits! We brought LOTS of blankets and I was wearing leggins and snow boots under my dress! By the end of the session, our fingers were blue!" Um, brrrr? But yes, we agree...the pictures are totally worth it!

Snowy winter bridals featuring a real bride in a lace wedding dress with long sleeves by LatterDayBride

A cute story about choosing her dress:

"I actually brought my fiancé, Chandler, to narrow down wedding dresses before I chose one. I already had an idea of what I wanted since I worked at LatterDayBride, but wanted him to be part of the process. We narrowed it down to three (even though I knew it would be the Caymbria as soon as I tried it on!) and then I came back with our moms to make the final decision. He finally saw me in my dress during our first look after guessing for months that it was the one!"
First Look session in winter with a bride in a modest lace wedding dress with sleeves, the Caymbria by LatterDayBride
I love that she let Chandler be a part of the process...that is SO unique and pretty cool!
Snowy wedding photos featuring a bride in the Caymbria gown, a long sleeve wedding dress with lace by LatterDayBride
The lovebirds will be married January 26th in the Draper Temple!
Lace Wedding Dress with long sleeves, the Caymbria gown by LatterDayBride
Black and White wedding photos featuring the Caymbria, a long sleeve lace wedding dress by LatterDayBrideSnowy bridals in American Fork Canyon featuring the Camybria gown, a modest lace wedding dress by LatterDayBride
Real bride Sydney with her fiance while wearing the Caymbria gown, a modest lace wedding gown by LatterDayBride & Prom
snowy winter bridals with the bride in the Caymbria gown, a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride
Snowy bridals in American Fork Canyon with real LatterDayBride Sydney in the Caymbria, a modest lace wedding dress
Winter bridal session in Utah featuring a modest lace wedding dress, the Caymbria by LatterDayBride

Welcome back to LDS Bride Blog! Engagement season is in full swing, so this week we have a Utah Botanical Gardens engagement session for you to oooh and ahhh over! 

Utah botanical gardens engagement in Kaysville on LDS Bride Blog

Their Utah wedding photographer, Rachel Lindsey, wrote about these fun Kaysville engagements. Here is what she had to say:

"Down by the banks of the Mississippi, where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank.....

If you were a kid and memorized how to spell Mississippi with all the other kids, raise your hand!! What a fun word! Well anyway, that's where it all began. Both raised in different states, Megan and Alex's paths would have never crossed had they both not made the decision to serve full time LDS missions. That one decision would change their lives forever. With inspiration from church leaders and guidance from Heavenly Father, they ended up serving in the same mission in Mississippi. They crossed paths towards the end of their missions, serving in the same area, and realized that there was mutual affection. Because they were serving missions, they kept each other at arm's length. Megan and Alex ended up coming home on the same day and that's where it all got started.

Modest outfit for a Utah engagement session on LDS Bride Blog

Fast forward a few months, here we are!!! Their wedding was on December 16, 2016 and they're got married in the beautiful Ogden, Utah Temple.

Engagements at the Kaysville Utah Botanical Gardens on LDS Bride Blog

These two are so adventurous together. They absolutely love being outdoors and do wide range of activities. On their mission, they talked about a time that they got to go fishing and Alex taught Megan how to gut and prepare a fish. I couldn't believe when they told me that she actually did it!! I did it all the time as a kid, but after years of not fishing, I just can't handle it anymore now! Megan is willing to try new things, even gutting a fish. They often go hiking and camping and are anxious for the snow to come so they can enjoy some time out on the slopes.
LDS engagements at the Utah Botanical Gardens in Kaysville on LDS Bride Blog
The one thing that I noticed and absolutely LOVED about Megan and Alex was how much fun they had together. Their happiness was contagious and I'm sure I looked like a smiling fool behind my camera. You just couldn't get rid of those smiles on their faces even if you tried. They were so playful and completely love struck.
Utah engagement session at the Kaysville Botanical Gardens on LDS Bride Blog
The Utah Botanical Gardens in Kaysville was such a perfect place to take photos of these two. We got a wide range of looks and enjoyed walking around the beautiful place. Megan had driven by the gardens many many times and never even knew it existed. It's a little gem tucked away! Megan and Alex were so incredibly photogenic!! They were naturally very affectionate and comfortable in front of a camera and so they made my job easy!"
LDS engagement session in Kaysville at the Utah Botanical Gardens on LDS Bride Blog

Thank you for sending these our way, Rachel! And congratulations to the now newlyweds Megan and Alex!Botanical Gardens Engagements in Kaysville Utah on LDS Bride Blog
Black and white engagement photos at the Kaysville Utah Botanical Gardens on LDS Bride BlogGarden engagement session in Utah at the Botanical Gardens near Kaysville on LDS Bride BlogUtah Botanical Gardens engagements in Kaysville on LDS Bride Blog

Happy New Year's Eve!! We hope everyone has some fabulous plans for tonight, whether it involves staying home with your family and binging on Netflix or going out on the town. Whatever you do, stay safe and warm! We are so thankful for ALL of you, for supporting and loving us this year. We can't wait to see what is in store for Gateway Bridal, LatterDayBride, and of course, LDS Bride Blog for the new year!

We can't think of a better way to round out the New Year and welcome 2017 than with some adorable engagement photos with....Airplanes! Engagements are always SO fun and romantic, and we are right in the middle of prime engagement season, so prepare yourselves for LOTS of ring shots and friend's status's changing from "In a Relationship" to "Engaged!" Will you be one of them? Tag us in your ring shot on Instagram @latterdaybride!

Engagement Photos at Heber Air Museum with Chelsie & Robert

Chelsie & Robert chose to do their engagement photos at the Heber Air Museum in Heber, Utah. The museum has some amazing WWII Era airplanes, and since Robert has his pilot's license, it seemed like the perfect fit! Chelsie's adorable modest lace knee-length navy dress complemented Robert's gray suit perfectly, making for some seriously classic photos by Utah wedding photographer Lindsey Black. If you are wondering what to wear for your engagements, may we suggest taking a page out of Chelsie & Robert's book and going a bit more formal than normal, but staying true to your personalities and keeping the fun with some color and little details like lace, scarves, sparkly shoes, etc. 

Airplane engagements by Lindsey Black Photography on LDS Bride Blog

We love how Chelsie kept it modest and cute while still looking absolutely ravishing...As you can see, Robert can't take his eyes off of her. These two are obviously SO in love, and these unique engagement photos show it. Thank you for sharing them with us!  

Unique engagements with a WWII airplane in Heber Utah by LDS Bride Blog photographer Lindsey Black

Engagements with an airplane and a modest navy dress by Lindsey Black Photography on LDS Bride Blog

Unique engagement shot with an airplane by LDS Bride Blog photographer Lindsey BlackEngagement photos with airplanes on LDS Bride Blog 

Fun and unique engagements with a modest navy dress by LDS Bride Blog

Mountain engagement photos on LDS Bride BlogDreamy engagements in Utah on LDS Bride BlogClose-up of an engagement photo on LDS Bride Blog 

Sunset engagement photo with a "Love is in the Air" sign on LDS Bride BlogRomantic sunset engagement photo with an airplane on LDS Bride BlogKissing engagement photo with a modest blue navy dress on LDS Bride BlogEngagement photo with a yellow WWII airplane and save the date banner on LDS Bride BlogRomantic engagements with a WWII yellow airplane and a save the date banner on LDS Bride BlogRomantic engagement photo in Heber Utah with a yellow airplane on LDS Bride Blog

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