We know it's the week of Chrismas and your spring bridal photos you scheduled with your photographer a few months ago may be the last thing on your mind...but we promise, they will be here before you know it! So, we can't think of a better time to share our 5 tips for ROCKING your bridal photos, courtesy of LatterDayBride! And while you browse our suggestions, you can oooh and ahhh over this gorgeous bridal shoot by Whitney Hunt of AK Studio & Design. Her gorgeous bride, Codi, is radiant in the 'Huntington', a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride and Prom in Salt Lake City, Utah!

 Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos with a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

1. Book in Advance

Don't wait until the month before your wedding to think about getting bridal photos done. Get them booked as SOON as you get engaged and book your photographer. This allows you maximum control over the season, scenery, and timing. Work with your wedding photographer and find out exactly how much time he/she needs to process, edit, and order any prints or albums you want displayed at your wedding...then give yourself one extra month on top of that. The last thing you want to do is worry about that gorgeous 16x24 canvas getting here in time to display by the sign-in book! Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos with the Huntington dress by LatterDayBride

2. Order your Dress ASAP

Since bridal photos without a wedding dress might be, well, weird, make sure you go dress shopping as soon as possible after getting engaged. Find out how much time it will take for the dress to arrive and talk to your alterations specialist to gauge how long it will be until you actually have dress in hand. Then add on a couple weeks for unforseen circumstances.

The Huntington, a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

3. Get your Bridal Hair and Makeup Done Professionally

This is your wedding day, and your bridal photos are reflective of that. Don't cut costs here. A few hundred dollars to hire a professional wedding hair and makeup artist is worth every penny. Professionals are trained to make you look your absolute best, work with your face shape, and use top-quality products that will last all day. Plus, your bridal session is a great way to get a trial hair and makeup run in before the big day! 

Bridal photos with professional hair and makeup in Utah

4. Pick a Realistic Location

So you want that photo of you as a bride with your horse standing on top of a mountain surrounded by snow? Great! But make sure you have thought the logistic through and have everything worked out with your photographer. How will you get there? Will you be able to have the best light? How will your horse get there? Who will you bring to help hold your horse? As you think about it and write down everything you need, you may find that a local field with the mountains in the background will be just as beautiful without the stress.

Black and white bridal photos featuring the Huntington gown by LatterDayBride

5. Plan on Dress Cleaning

This is a biggie. Unless you plan on getting your bridal photos done indoors in a controlled environment, plan on getting your dress cleaned after your bridal session and before the wedding. It is the nature of wedding dresses (especially white gowns) to drag behind you...and the ground is dirty. The last thing you want is to be stressing the entire shoot about getting your dress a little dirty and miss out on epic photos that might have been. Make sure you leave plenty of time between your bridals and wedding day for cleaning and choose a reputable dry cleaner who specializes in wedding dresses...the dress shop you got your dress from should be able to provide recommendations.

Bridal photos in Utah with a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride


Decide if it will be only YOU in your bridals or if you will be doing a First Look/Formal session including your groom. There are pros and cons to both, so think long and hard about it and make the best decision for you! Spring bridal photos with the bride and groom using a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBrideTips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 18

Thanks for tuning in today to LDS Bride Blog! We hope you enjoyed these gorgeous photos as well as 5 great tips for rocking your bridal photos!

A bride wearing the Huntington, a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

Tips for a great bridal photo session by LatterDayBride

Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 13


Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 14

Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 15Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 16Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 17Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 19Tips for Rocking Your Bridal Photos Huntington LatterDayBride 20 


Photographer: Whitney Hunt with AK Studio & Design

Hair & Makeup: Beauty By Blood

Floral: Lilac Floral


We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving spent with your loved in Utah we just got a dump of snow so we thought we might post a nice summer wedding to help warm us up around here. Emily & Tyler's Salt Lake Temple ceremony followed by a  Carmelle Reception Center wedding reception was a perfect fit!
Salt Lake Temple wedding

How They Met

They found each other in their single's ward while attending BYU. They went on one date and just couldn't stop dating! Out of all the dates that they've been on, they don't really have a favorite.... They just love being with each other and their favorite dates are ones that happen after a season of not being able to spend time together. They are both incredibly busy, going to school full time and studying accounting at BYU. One of their favorite things to together is to lay out in a hammock, gazing at the stars. And through all of the challenges that life brings, it will be their ability to laugh together that will carry them through thick and thin.
summer at the Salt Lake Temple

The Ceremony

On Tuesday, August 23, 2016, friends and family gathered together at the Salt Lake Utah Temple to celebrate the union of Emily and Tyler as husband and wife. The sun was shining, the air was cool and fresh, with beautiful blossoms on the trees. The children anxiously awaited the grand exit of their loved aunt and uncle. They were so excited to congratulate them that as soon as they came through the doors, the children rushed to their sides to hug them.
Bride and groom exiting at a Salt Lake Temple wedding
Bride in a modest wedding dress on the steps of the Salt Lake Temple with her groom

Summer bouquet at a Salt Lake Temple weddingBride and groom wedding photos on the grounds of the Salt Lake TempleBride and groom on the stairs at their Salt Lake Temple weddingBride and groom at Temple Square in AugustBeautiful summer wedding at the Salt Lake Temple in UtahBride and groom in front of the Salt Lake Temple

The Reception

Their reception was held at the Carmelle Reception Center in Salt Lake City. It was perfect for Emily and Tyler's classy style, with a grand staircase and a piano playing in the background.
After a perfect fun-filled night of laughter and dancing, Emily and Tyler were congratulated as they rushed off to start a new life together, as husband and wife.
Carmelle Reception Center summer wedding
Carmelle Reception Center main ballroom
Bride and Groom outside Carmelle Reception Center in UtahCandy Bar at a Carmelle Reception Center weddingBride in a modest wedding dress on the staircase at Carmelle Reception CenterFlower girls twirling in the bride's room at Carmelle Reception CenterThree-tiered wedding cake at Carmelle Reception Center in UtahGrandma and Grandpa at an LDS wedding at Carmelle Reception CenterWedding Invitation at the Carmelle Reception Center in UtahBride laughing with friends at her Carmelle Reception Center LDS wedding

Cake design: Janya Hesse with Valkyrie Cakes

Floral Design: Sweet William Floral Design

Videographer: Maxwell Greenburg

Reception Center: Carmelle Reception Center

Hello beauties! I'm so excited to share some crisp autumn wedding inspiration with you today! This stylized wedding shoot was done in the canyons of Utah, at Sundance Resort. Fun face...the Sundance Film Festival was named for one of the festivals founders and biggest supporters, Robert Redford, and his role as The Sundance Kid in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.' Every January, the Sundance Film Festival is held here in Utah, but it is NOT, as many assume, held at Redford's resort, Sundance. Actually, the main hub of the Festival is nearly 4 canyons away, in Park City, Utah! So there you go! But I digress...
Autumn wedding inspiration in Sundance Utah
Sundance is known for having some of the most spectacular fall colors in the state, so it's no surprise that photographer Whitney Finuf and her friend and model Natalie chose it for the setting of this autumn wedding inspiration shoot. With a beautiful 3/4 length sleeved lace wedding dress designed by Utah County's own Elizabeth Cooper Designs, the shoot definitely had an elegant, moody fall feel. We always know winter is coming when the cap-sleeves of summer slowly get longer and longer!
Long-sleeved lace modest wedding dress by Elizabeth Cooper Design

The floral are absolutely breathtaking, and blend with the scenery perfectly. White Lily Lane, another local Utah wedding vendor, was the florist for this shoot and her work is nothing short of brilliant. Cascading bouquets are all the rage this season and she nails it Every. Single. Time. 
Autumn wedding bouquet on a modest bride at Sundance
Natalie is totally stunning with her dark features played up by hair and makeup artist Kelsey Stirland of Kelsey Mae Artistry. If you read our last post, you will know how important it is to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding day, and this is a great example. Kelsey was able to match tones, colors, and mood of the entire shoot because she saw the bigger picture. That's what these artists do, and they really showed it off in this session! 
Autumn wedding hair and makeup on a bride in Utah

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous autumn wedding inspiration shoot with us here at LDS Bride Blog!
Fall wedding at Sundance Resort
modest wedding dress on a bride at SundanceAutumn wedding inspiration shoot by Whitney Finuk PhotographyFall bridal photography up Provo CanyonCandlelight bridal photography near Sundance UtahModest wedding dress on a bride amid yellow autumn leavesBride holding a candle for a bridal portrait in SundanceSundance Resort wedding inspiration in Fall 
Model: Natalie
​Today we are thrilled to have a guest blogger! Lisa Frehner is an amazing professional hair and makeup artist here in Utah, and she has graced us with this awesome post of 10 reasons to hire a professional wedding hair and makeup artist...this is something I am personally VERY passionate about, coming from the wedding photography world, so I am extra excited for her insights and advice to brides!
Hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding

            The day has come…. You are finally engaged! Whether you have waited years or months, the excitement is the same. You can now officially start planning the big day where you will marry your best friend. There are so many things to be planned and so many little details to worry about. Who will be the photographer to capture your special day and all those special moments? What colors will you choose? Will you have Bridesmaids? Where will your venue be? How many people will be invited? The questions seem never ending when you are planning a wedding, but I’m writing this to answer one specific question: Should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist? The quick answer is “Absolutely!” Here are some reasons why:

  1. A professional makeup artist can examine your skin and give recommendations for improving your skin before your wedding day. A professional hairstylist can examine your hair and give recommendations on how to have healthier, shinier hair. Who doesn’t want that?
    professional hair and makeup on a bridewedding hair and makeup example
  2. A professional makeup artist knows how to highlight your best features and properly cover imperfections. A professional hairstylist can give recommendations for how your updo/style would best compliment your features.
    Utah bride in a modest wedding dressBride getting ready and wedding day photos
  3. A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best in person and in front of the camera. You will look flawless all day long. A professional hairstylist knows how to make your hair look the best 360 degrees- all the way around. They understand symmetry and the importance of creating fullness all throughout the hair, and not just in the front.
    Bridal hair and makeup for your wedding dayUtah hair and makeup artist for your wedding day
  4. Most professional hair and makeup artists will meet you at your desired location, just to make your day less stressful. How thoughtful!
    Utah hair and makeup artist working on a brideBeautiful bride with professional wedding HMUA
  5. Professional hair and makeup artists can create a beautiful, cohesive look throughout the Bridal Party and still make you, as the Bride, stand out in the most beautiful way.
    Utah bride in a modest wedding dressUtah bridal photography in a modest wedding dress
  6. A professional Makeup Artist will have just about every skin color foundation in their kit, and if they don’t, they will have the necessary colors to create your custom color. A professional Hairstylist has more tools in their kits than you can imagine and they know how to effectively work each one to make you look and feel your best.
    Bride getting ready for her weddingUtah wedding photos of a bride with professional hair and makeup
  7. A professional makeup artist will know lots of different brands of makeup and skincare and will know which one best suits your skin type. A professional hairstylist knows lots of different products that can help control frizz, hold a curl all day long and different techniques that will be beneficial for your wedding day.
    Professional hair and makeup for a wedding day
  8. When you hire professional hair and makeup artists, your photographer will have a lot less editing and retouching to do. You will be camera ready!
    Utah hair and makeup artist Lisa Frehner helping a bride
  9. Most professional hair and makeup artists will do a practice session with you. This helps them figure out exactly how you want to look on your wedding day and it helps the bride feel confident in the professional that she has chosen to hire. When you have done a practice session, even more stress is lifted off your shoulders on your wedding day.
    Utah bride with professional hair and makeup on her wedding day
  10. This is your wedding day. Why not spend a little extra to look your absolute best?
    Why should I hire a professional hair and makeup artist?

            Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is worth every penny. You won’t regret your decision to hire someone to help you with your hair and makeup on your wedding day!

Hair and Makeup Artist/Author: Lisa Frehner 
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