This couple embodies light and laughter. I love their bright pops of color, their the fun they bring to their photography! Enjoy this visual feast!

Featured Wedding

Wedding Venue: Salt Lake Temple
Reception Venue: Lion House
Flowers: Silver Cricket Floral, Park City, Utah
Videography: Krissi Cook Films

For starters, be sure you have the best ring to care for! As you begin ring shopping, be sure that your diamond is certified. Each diamond’s cut, clarity, and caret are evaluated in a professional, unbiased process to verify that you’re getting what you’ve paid for.  Some companies do these evaluations independently, making it more difficult to remain neutral. The certificates are necessary to determine the diamond’s actual worth. The online site, seventy seven diamonds has such a process for their diamonds, and many of the prices are 60% less than store prices. Certainly a valuable source if you intend to buy online!

Caring for your Wedding Ring

Photo courtesy of Maria Grace Photography.

With a certified diamond, you are set to adore your ring shining brilliantly on your finger wherever you go. But what if the shine lessens over time? What if one day, the sun only draws out 5 points of light instead of the usual 10? Here are a few tips to help prevent tarnishing and wear, and manage it when it does.

Be Willing to Part: As painful as it may feel at first, you really don’t want to wear your ring 24/7. Subjecting your ring to all of the elements your hands encounter is the quickest way to send it to the ring doctor. If you can, avoid wearing your ring during vigorous sports, such as tennis, golfing, or weight lifting. Avoid applying lotions or any oils to your hands while wearing your ring, which can cloud the stone and add “gunk” to the setting. Also, remove your ring when gardening, swimming or using harsh cleaning chemicals around the house. Your ring is sensitive and ought to be treated with sensitivity. If you can remember, remove your ring when you wash your hands as well. Soaps will have an opposite effect on your ring, leaving it a bit grimy and soiled.  

Gentle cleaning: Regular cleaning, at least monthly, will help your ring keep its flawless sparkle. Place your ring in a diluted amount of liquid detergent to soak for about 30 minutes, or soak your ring in a half water, half ammonia solution. Once the ring has had a chance to soak, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently lift away the dirt or other build-up on your precious gem and band. You’ll notice an instant quality upgrade!

Seek out the experts: Many jewelers will offer a ring cleaning complimentary, which will always be your best option if convenience allows. It is also wise to take your ring to a jeweler for an inspection at least once a year to ensure the stone are snugly fixed in place and the settings are protective and strong. It’s better to repair a loose prong early than replace a diamond a few months later!  



Expert Wedding Planning Class

Are you starting to plan your wedding, but have no idea where to start? Is your head spinning with vendor info, budgeting, and bridal colors? If so, you've found exactly what you need for your upcoming wedding: a wedding planning class hosted by one of the local experts, Muyly Miller!

From Muyly: This will be a jam packed 2 hour class that includes speakers, tips and guidance to help you with your planning.  It will give you a good place to start to begin your planning process, as well as take some pressure off your shoulders. There will be a simple guide for you to follow and take notes, plus a break out session to ask further questions to any of the professionals. 

You won't regret it! Take some time to attend, learn from me, a wedding planner, on how to simplify your tasks, budget properly and how to save money. My average client budgets are about $15,000. Whether your budget is $5,000 or $35,000, you will get the best tips from this class!

A 2 hour wedding planning class led by Muyly Miller, wedding planner with National Sponsor, THE KNOT, this class will be held at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village. This workshop will be filled with learning and fun! Register for your seat at Register now before the spaces are filled! We hope to see you there!



Photo courtesy of Muyly Miller.



Brides of the coming year, we are thrilled to announce our new catalogue for 2016! We have more of our modern, modest dresses then ever before! Here are a few sneak peaks!

New Catalogue


Letter from the editor:

You’re on the hunt for the perfect gown. What begins as a mad dash filled with enthusiasm and high hopes, can quickly deflate to frustrating, toe-pinching, back-aching defeat as you reach the final page of dozens of wedding magazines, shuffle away from your final bridal appointment, and scroll to the end of your last bridal pintrest board. Hanging at the end of your rope, you may wonder, “Where are you, my beautiful wedding dress?” Well brides, we’re happy to end your search.

Love your style; live your style. That’s our motto for 2016. There has never been a better time to be unique and have a distinct vision for your wedding day. We are proud to boast the largest selection of modest wedding gowns in the world! Our store caters to every type of style under the sun: from darling to dazzling, from simple to sassy, and from whimsical to wow-zer!

So put us to the test! Flip through these lovely pages, search our website, and pin our pictures; we dare you to walk away empty-handed.  This new year will bring more of your favorites: more dresses under budget, more stunning lace, more silhouettes and more bridal hues than ever before. Whether you’re looking for something on one end of the spectrum or the other, outside of the box or in, you’ve come to the right place. As you trudge to us at the end of your journey, we joyously exclaim with open arms, “Welcome home!”

Dear readers, we thank you for your love and support for all things bridal from the past, present, and future of this company. Let’s face it: without you, there wouldn’t be much of an us. So here’s to you: the bride, the prom queen, the pageant contestant, the bridesmaid, and the wedding aficionado. May we ever help move your dreams forward, as you have moved ours.




If you like what you see here, you'll love it in person! Check out the new catalogue on our website. Happy shopping!



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