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  • 5 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses from LatterDayBride for 2018

    Modest bridesmaid dresses in the latest styles are available from us at LatterDayBride, resulting in happy bridesmaids in your wedding party. Modest and becoming, our bridesmaid dresses are perfect for any type of wedding.


    5 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses from LatterDayBride for 2018


    Classic and Fitted 

    Available in sizes that range from extra small to 2XL, this light blue formfitting bridesmaid dress is sure to be a hit with the girls you’ve invited to stand by your side during the big day. With its delicate lace overlay, snug sleeves that fall perfectly at the elbow and pencil skirt, the MDS1611 light blue bridesmaid dressis fancy enough for important events and casual enough to wear to church on Sunday. Plus, this dress is Buy One Get One FREE and is in stock right now for the light blue color only! Also available in many other colors without the sale price. 

    modest bridesmaid dress in light blue by LatterDayBride 

    Sophistication and Grace

     Named the Hepburn, this white and black beauty is sure to bring sophistication and grace to your wedding. It features a long, white skirt and black top. Together, these two colors exude tradition while the gently pleated skirt and v-neckline add modernity.

     The Hepburn, a black and white modest bridesmaid dress by LatterDayBride

    Modest and Fashionable 

     This modest and fashionable dress comes in almost every color, giving you the chance to coordinate your wedding perfectly. In addition to its flattering A-line skirt, the Betty has a thin waistband, the kind that flatters the wearer.   

     The Betty, a modest bridesmaid dress in red by LatterDayBride

    Simple and Chic

     Little details make this dress something special. If you’re having a tough time choosing your bridesmaid dresses, then consider this one since it’s both simple and elegant. Adorable scalloping along the bottom enhances the look of this dress while the sheath design of the MDS18006 is an attractive style for women of almost any body type. This gorgeous dress is only $60 and comes in mauve and sage.

     mauve bridesmaid dress by LatterDayBride

    Long and Elegant   

     If you want your bridesmaids to float ethereally around your wedding venue, then select a long and elegant dress like the Maggie. The modest lace bodice adds fashion to the dress while the waistband and chiffon pleated skirt are as flattering as they are delightful. You can order this dress in black, blue and cream.

    long modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride 

    Gorgeous Modest Bridesmaid Dresses 

     Modest bridesmaid dresses are designed to flatter the women wearing them. From long and flowing to knee length and fitted, these dresses come in various styles. Modest bridesmaid dresses from LatterDayBride bring a stylish element to your wedding without stealing the spotlight from the bride.

  • Beautiful and Comfortable LDS Temple Dresses | LDS Bride Blog

    LDS temple dresses should be beautiful and comfortable. While temple dresses are not customized to your exact measurements, they are available in a variety of sizes to give you a comfortable fit. Keep in mind that you may need to have yours altered if you prefer a perfect fit. We have new styles available, so take a peek at our site to see what we’ve added.


    Beautiful and Comfortable LDS Temple Dresses

    San Diego

     LDS Temple Dresses the San Diego by LatterDayBride

    With its relaxed fit and empire waistline, our San Diego temple dress is pretty and easy to wear. The skirt drapes loosely from the waistline, giving you plenty of room to move. It has a round neckline and sleeves that fit lightly around the wrists. This temple dress features a classic style, one that you’ll enjoy wearing for years.



     LDS temple dress The Saratoga by LatterDayBride

    A unique sweater-inspired pattern makes this LDS temple dress special. The dress’s rounded neckline is becoming while its loose-fitting sleeves make movement easy. Sizes range from extra small to four extra-large. The Saratoga is one of our more ornate LDS temple dresses, so if you prefer to wear apparel pieces that are on the intricate side, this may be the dress for you.



     The Rome, an LDS Temple Dress by LatterDayBride

    With its charming lace bodice and fitted sleeves, the Rome is one of our new temple dresses designed to make you look elegant. It has a wide waistband and pleats that flow down the length of the bodice. The dress also has pleats below the waistband, and these allow the skirt to flow gracefully to the floor. Because the neckline is round, it is likely to flatter the wearer.


    Affordable and Elegant


    Our LDS temple dresses come in different styles, allowing you to choose one that complements your personality. We have a number of dresses that are 10% off or more. Check out our collection and see which ones are available at a discount. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our new LDS temple dress selections!  Happy dress shopping!

  • Beautiful Wedding Venues in Ogden, Utah | LDS Bride Blog

    From antique structures to classic country clubs, Ogden features a variety of wedding venues. In Ogden, you can have your wedding outdoors or indoors. There are even several venues that offer both. Here are a few beautiful wedding venues in Ogden, Utah for you to consider booking.

    Beautiful Wedding Venues in Ogden, Utah   

    The Wellington Reception Center


    This elegant building is sure to make your wedding day special. Featuring impressive columns and pretty arched windows, the Wellington Reception Center is a romantic place to say your “I do’s.” With space for 400 guests, the Wellington has enough room for everyone. Old-world woodwork, incredible chandeliers and antique chairs offer amazing backdrops for your photos while all-inclusive packages are available, offering convenience.


    Ben Lomond Suites Hotel


    When it comes to antique venues, the Ben Lomond Suites Hotel is one of the area’s most elegant. The hotel has five event spaces that provide unique backdrops for your reception and your wedding ceremony. This beautiful wedding venue in Ogden has a ballroom that features enough space for 350 of your guests. It also has an area called the Sunlit Room, which is perfect for wedding ceremonies and intimate receptions.


    Ogden Golf & Country Club

    The Ogden Golf & Country Club offers stunning green spaces and panoramic views. If you book this venue, then you’ll have an amazing space for your big day. Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s extravagant or simple, the country club is a good choice. At the country club, you’ll have access to a venue able to support as many as 400 guests. You’ll also be able to have your wedding indoors or outdoors. The club offers full service or buffet meals along with rental equipment like tables, linens and chairs.


    Talia Event Center


    Newly remodeled and classically designed, the Talia Event Centeris a beautiful space, one that offers breathtaking backdrops for your wedding pictures. The venue features a dance floor and a full bar. It also includes large areas as well as intimate ones, making it perfect for your wedding. At the Talia Event Center, you can invite up to 1,000 guests.


    The Perfect Place for Your Big Day

    Because there are a number of beautiful wedding venues in Ogden, Utah, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your big day. Whether you want a venue that allows you to include nature or you’d rather have a historic place with unique décor and architecture, Ogden offers it. 

  • Beautiful Wedding Venues in Salt Lake City | LDS Bride Blog

    LatterDayBride and LDS Bride Blog are so excited to feature two beautiful wedding venues in Salt Lake City today! Temple Square is the home to two of Salt Lake City's premier wedding and reception centers: the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (JSMB) and The Lion House. Both venues offer delicious gourmet catering and Flowers Squared, a full onsite florist shop.

    Beautiful Wedding Venues in Salt Lake City

    Joseph Smith Memorial Building

    Located at Temple Square, the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial Building was built in 1911 as the prestigious Hotel Utah. It now has twelve elegant banquet rooms that can accommodate between 20 to 600 guests, perfect for any type of event, whether it be a large wedding reception, family gathering or business meeting. The historic and classy ambiance of the building will provide you with a unique and memorable experience.

    Wedding Venue in Salt Lake City, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

    The views from the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building are unparalleled. Where else can you get that gorgeous view of the Salt Lake Temple?! 

    Views from the JSMB in Salt Lake City

    The elegance of the JSMB is unmatched, making it the perfect venue for classic and romantic brides to experience their dream wedding, reception, brunch, or luncheon.

    Weddings at Temple Square

    Weddings at Temple Square

    The Lion House

    Located on the south-east corner of Temple Square at State Street and South Temple, The Lion House was built in 1856 and was the family home of Brigham Young, the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the first governor of the state of Utah. The home gets its name from the lion statue positioned over the front entryway. Now this beautiful building is a one of a kind event venue. The rooms are decorated with beautiful antique furniture, making The Lion House a perfect place for any event.

    The Lion House, a wedding venue in Salt Lake City Utah near Temple Square

    JSMB wedding venue in Salt Lake City

    Temple Square Hospitality Catering

    Temple Square delivers exceptional catering services through its two beautiful venues, offering a variety of delectable menu options – from appetizers and hors d’Oeuvres to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They provide catering services for all events held in both venues as well as off-site catering for our guests. Their professional Event Coordinators are prepared to assist you with every detail of your important day.

    The Joseph Smith Memorial Building also offers catering for off-site events in the downtown area. Contact them at 801-539-3519 for more information.

    Catering by wedding venues in Salt Lake City JSMB and Lion House

    Flowers Squared

    With unmatched creativity, on-time dependability, and exceptional value, you’ve found something special with Flowers Squared. They offer bridal bouquets, wedding flowers, elegant centerpieces, flower delivery, and floral room decor at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. At Flowers Squared, they strive to provide high-quality floral design, the freshest flowers, and personal service through:

      *   Full onsite floral staff
      *   Free personal floral consultations
      *   A complete range of prices and arrangements
      *   Access to truly unique specialty items, simply not available through a traditional retail florist
      *   Flower delivery in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas

    Flowers Squared wedding florist at Temple Square

    Both of these beautiful wedding venues in Salt Lake City, along with the Temple Square Hospitality Catering and Flowers Squared, offer complimentary consultations. Book a consultation for any of these services here!

    We hope you have enjoyed this post featuring these gorgeous wedding services offered by Temple Square Hospitality. Happy wedding planning!

  • Cute Ideas for Spring Engagement Photos | LDS Bride Blog

    Cute Ideas for Spring Engagement Photos 

    If you’re lucky enough to be engaged in the spring, then there are plenty of ways to embrace the season when taking your engagement photos. From including nature to adding elements that show off your personality, here are a few cute ideas for spring engagement photos.

     Take Advantage of the Blossoms

    Kissing beneath a canopy of blooming cherry blossoms will create the perfect engagement picture. To keep with the nature theme, consider walking hand-in-hand through a field of wildflowers or stroll among a forest of fir trees while your favorite photographer does his or her thing to get the best shot. The nature theme can even be extended to your person. The bride may think about wearing an accent piece like a flower headband while the groom can don a velvet floral shirt.

    Look how a few brides took advantage of the spring blossoms in Utah!

    First up, this adorable couple found some gorgeous blossoms up at the Utah State Capitol with help from their photographer Ciara Spring Photography!

    Blossoms are one of many great ideas for spring engagement photos

    blossoms at the Utah State Capitol for engagement photos

    Blossoms for engagement photos

    The Utah State Capitol is a popular place for the few weeks the gorgeous pink blossoms are in bloom! Fawn Grove Photography took her snappily dressed couple up as well to capture these beautiful spring engagement photos!

    ideas for spring engagement photos at the Utah State Capitol

    Utah State Capitol spring engagements

    Spring engagements with blossoms

    Add Your Furry Friends to Your Photos

     If you and your betrothed are already parents to fur babies, then include them in your pictures to take cute spring engagement photos. Animals add a sweet quality to these pictures, one that’s sure to result in photos that you’ll enjoy looking at year after year. 

    Take it to the Streets

     Living in the city has its perks. When it comes to spring engagement photos, these perks consist of stunning stone steps, glorious pillars and charming benches. Add a spring touch with your wardrobe. Wear hues like bright blues, lovely pinks and sunny yellows.


    Bring in Some Props

     When posed properly, bicycles can be enchanting. It may also be fun to take your engagement photos inside a flea market with antique furniture and quirky things for sale. Old cars continue to be a good prop choice. They provide a little something special to the photo without detracting from you and your fiancé.


    Go Somewhere Special

     Use the location of your first date to take cute spring engagement photos. If your first date was at a fair or a carnival, then consider taking your engagement photos at one to recall this memory. If you went to a movie for your first date, then head to your local theater for a few engagement shots. Coffee shops can be a charming place for these photos as can your favorite restaurant or sports venue.  

    Or, take it out to nature, like Jaden & McKenna who went up in the mountains to embrace springtime with their photographer Maddie Morris Photography!

    Mountains for spring engagement photos

    mountain engagement photos

    spring engagements in the mountains

    mountains for engagement photos in spring

    spring engagement photo session 

    Keeping with Tradition

     When it comes to weddings, most people like to embrace a tradition or two and taking engagement photos is one way to do this. Cute spring engagement photos also let you remember the two of you before you became a married couple. We can just imagine this cute couple Brittany and Blake looking at these fabulous spring engagement photos 50 years from now...their photographer Julia Mather Photography did an amazing job!

    spring engagements in Utah

    spring Utah engagements

    romantic spring engagement photos

    spring engagements in a field in Utah

  • How to Honeymoon on a Budget

    Just because your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous honeymoon. We know that this is an important life moment, but to save money, you’ll need to take your heart out of the decision-making process by looking for deals. This is how to honeymoon on a budget.

    How to Honeymoon on a Budget

    Consider Your Goals

    To plan your honeymoon on a budget, you’ll first need to consider what your goals are for the trip as well as what is and isn’t important to you. For instance, if you have $1,000 for your honeymoon and pampering is what you want, then make reservations at a nearby spa resort. If getting away appeals to you more, then go on a glamping trip, one that includes gourmet snacks and your favorite foods.

     If you're looking how to honeymoon on a budget, going to the spa is a great option

    Go Somewhere Off-Season

    If you’re planning your honeymoon right after your wedding, then you have the time to choose to visit a place or take a cruise during its off-season time. When you travel off-season, you’ll be in for price breaks and fewer crowds. The shoulder-season, which is the time just before or after a place’s or cruise’s high season, is also an affordable time to travel.

     How to honeymoon on a budget includes cruising in the off-season

    Contact a Travel Agent

    To decrease the stress of planning a honeymoon, contact a travel agent. An agent will present you with a list of travel options while saving you money on airfare, hotels and rental cars. They’re able to do this due to their high volume of business. They will know what’s on sale and give you tips about what to do while visiting each destination. If your heart is set on a cruise, then reach out to an agent who specializes in them. Make sure that your agent knows your priorities so he or she can plan your honeymoon accordingly.

     How to honeymoon on a budget can lead use to using a travel agent

    Honeymoon Near Home

    In most cases, shorter flights are cheaper than ones that are further away. This is the reason why those who live on the west coast tend to vacation in Mexico while people who live back east head to the Caribbean. You could save even more by honeymooning someplace close to home. If you live in Utah, Zion, Moab and Park City are all good nearby destinations.

     How to honeymoon on a budget includes honeymooning close to home such as Zions or Arches

    Plan Ahead

    The earlier you book, the more affordable your honeymoon is likely to be because when you book early, a hotel’s cheaper rooms are still available. It’s also more affordable to book a cruise well in advance of your travel dates.

    How to honeymoon on a budget includes booking your hotel room early to get the best price.

    Every Bit as Memorable

    If you have to take your honeymoon on a budget, don’t worry about it. The trip will be every bit as memorable as if you spent thousands of dollars. Your honeymoon is a time to enjoy the company of one another and begin your lives together doing something relaxing and fun.


  • LDS Wedding Planning Guide | LatterDayBride Jerica Gown

     You’re engaged and soon to be married. Planning an LDS wedding comes with its own unique challenges. With weddings, there’s so many things that need to be done before the big day. To help, we’ve put together this LDS wedding planning guide. And of course, we have accompanied the guide with some gorgeous photos of one of our Real LatterDayBrides, Haley, wearing the Jerica gown from Gateway Bridal, altered by a seamstress to add the long sleeves to make it modest!

    LDS Wedding Planning Guide

    LDS Wedding Planning Guide with bride wearing modest wedding dress 

    At the Nine Month Mark

     LDS Bride Blog provides a wedding planning guide with a bride and groom at the Salt Flats

    At nine months out, choose your color scheme and start looking for a photographer. This is the time to schedule a photo session for your engagement pictures. You’ll also want to begin shopping for a dress and a veil. Make sure that your dress is appropriate for the temple. If it isn’t, find a tailor who can alter it to make it temple ready. LatterDayBride has hundreds of modest wedding dresses to choose from!

    LDS Wedding Planning Guide featuring modest wedding dresses 

    When your wedding is about nine months away, you’ll want to start working on your guest lists for the reception and the temple ceremony. The bride, groom and both sides of the family should have a say in who is invited to come.

    LDS wedding planning guide with modest wedding dresses by LatterDayBride 

    Six Months Before the Wedding  

    At the sixth month mark, choose a wedding date. This is also when you should consider hiring a wedding planner if you want one. Establish a budget and decide how the expenses will be handled. You’ll also need to decide which temple you want to get married in so that you can reserve the day.

    If you don’t have a temple recommend, talk to your bishop about getting one about 6 months before your wedding day. When it comes to LDS weddings, you’ll need to schedule the endowment and make plans to purchase the proper temple attire. Six months before the wedding, choose a reception locale and select a florist.

     Salt Lake Temple with bride in a modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride

    Four Months Before the Wedding

     Bride and Groom at the Salt Lake Temple

    Four months before the wedding day is an especially fun time since this is when you get to sample wedding cake and order your party favors. You should also begin planning your reception decorations and start ordering or making them. Check the state’s marriage license laws and requirements. Also, begin shopping for your wedding rings and plan a few activities that your out-of-town guests will enjoy before and after the event.

    Salt Lake Temple wedding photos  

    The LDS Wedding of Your Dreams

    Bride in modest wedding dress by LatterDayBride 

    While preparations can seem monotonous, when you do them meticulously using this LDS wedding guide, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the big day once it arrives. Organization doesn’t always help you avoid every disaster, but it can prevent most of them. The proper planning can make the LDS wedding of your dreams come true.  

    Bridal Photographer: Shaw Photography @shawphotographyut 

    Wedding Day Photography: Kate Anne Photography @kateannephotography

    Florist: Salt and Sagebrush @saltandsagebrush


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