Brides in our Modest Wedding Dresses

We at LatterDayBride just have one main gripe with our jobs as bridal consultants. Although we help you choose the most important element of your wedding day, your dream dress, where do we factor in after that? Your photographer, your florist, your reception coordinators and even your caterer share your special day with you, and we’ve been green with envy for quite some time. As you walk out our doors with your dress draped proudly across your arm, we feel a bit like Cinderella yearning to go to the ball. As your bridal consultants, we want to share in the magic of your special day.

Join the Bridal Hall of Fame

Whether you created a custom build-up, whether you altered the neckline or beading detail, whether you added accessories to spice up your look, or whether you took a sale gown right out the door, we want to see! Please share your beautiful finished look with us in our wedding dresses! Send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject title "Our Brides." It all starts with a stitch, a bride, a dream. Let’s stitch together our LDS community by sharing each beautiful wedding, one bride at a time.

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